General Information
Colours & Sizes
Each flag stone is created by mother-nature and variations in colours of each flag stone is expected. Tonal variations must be judged from actual materials & not pictures or photos. Each flag stone is hand cut and therefore by its very nature, each component will exhibit deviations.

We recommend you view a range of samples when choosing natural sandstone to acknowledge the diversity in colours, texture and markings which are authentic.

Annual maintenance is required to keep the overall appearance of natural sandstone in good condition. We recommend thoroughly washing paved areas with warm soapy water and brushing off with a stiff broom before applying AQUASEAL patio sealant. High pressure washers are not recommended for use on sandstone paving. Treadstone can not be held responsible for effects or damage caused by contamination or application of chemically based products. Chemicals to be avoided are weed killers and acid or alkaline based cleaners. Common salt should not be used to de-ice, use sand.

When having a patio or path laid close to a house or dwelling it is important the finished paving surface level is at least 1500mm below DPC level and should slope away from the building. A camber of 1:60 is generally sufficient). All paved areas should gently slope to allow excess water to drain away and should always be laid on well prepared & drained ground. Note base preparation should allow for drainage. Poor drainage will result in the retention of water and may affect the weathering characteristics of paving flags, i.e excessive moss or mould.

Health & Safety
Products within our range are heavy & should be handled by more than one person where required. We recommend work gloves are used to prevent abrasion to hands from wet mortar. When cutting stone flags (safety goggles) should be used & respiratory protection (dust mask) should be used to avoid dust inhalation.